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28 articles
Opportunity DiscoveryA central place to discover bounty programs, VDPs, pentests, and future earning opportunities
HacktivityHackerOne's community feed that showcases hacker activity on HackerOne
RetestingLearn how retesting works at HackerOne
LeaderboardsSee top hackers and your standing in various categories
90-Day LeaderboardHackers: The top 100 hackers based on their activity in the last 90 days.
Hacker 101Learn the basics of hacking with our free course!
CollaborationHackers: Collaborate with other hackers
DirectoryHackers: Community-curated resource to help contact organizations' security teams
CredentialsAccess credentials for programs using credential management
CVE & CWE DiscoveryDiscover trends in common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) and common weakness enumerations (CWEs)
Publishing External VulnerabilitiesPublish findings from external sources to share learnings
Hacker MediationHackers: When and how to request mediation from HackerOne
Disclosure AssistanceAll audiences: Learn how HackerOne aids in disclosing vulnerabilities
InvitationsLearn how invitations work on the HackerOne platform
HackerOne ClearHackers: Be background-checked and/or ID Verified to participate in more exclusive programs
Decline Invites & Leave Programs
Reputation Milestone SwagHackers: There are several milestones you can achieve to earn swag
Hacking on Spot ChecksHackers: Bite-sized, pay-for-effort engagements to validate proof of coverage