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Hackers: Be background-checked and/or ID Verified to participate in more exclusive programs

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HackerOne Clear programs have specific requirements with regard to who can participate in them based on the following:

  • Age - Some steps to onboard as a Clear Hacker require the Hacker to be 18 or over to complete it

  • Rules of Engagement - to work with Hackers who have agreed to an enhanced Rules of Engagement

  • Verification - to work with Hackers who are ID Verified and/or Criminal background-checked

  • H1 platform performance level - to work with Hackers with a HackerOne platform-proven track record

  • Residency and/or citizenship verification - to work with Hackers that meet their regulatory requirements with verified residencies and/or citizenships.

These programs require you to have extra screening due to the sensitive nature of their systems. Only hackers that meet the requirements can participate in these programs.

How do I become a part of HackerOne Clear?

Go to your profile page to see if you qualify to complete the various steps of HackerOne Clear. The steps of Clear are only available to selected hackers based on their platform performance and stats. You may be contacted to enroll if you are an active member of HackerOne with good stats (impact, signal, lifetime bounty) and have followed our Code of Conduct.

How do I know if I’m a Clear member?

After agreeing to the Enhanced Rules of Engagement and completing an ID verification check, ID-verified hackers will have a green checkmark on their profile indicating that they’re ID verified and eligible to join programs requiring ID verification:

After completing both the ID verification and the criminal background check, criminal background checked-verified hackers will have this blue checkmark on their profile indicating that they’re criminal background check verified and eligible to join programs requiring a criminal background check:

What distinguishes H1 Clear from the standard ID Verification process?

H1 Clear is a stricter and more thorough process that requires a more stringent criminal background check, ensuring that only the most skilled and professional hackers receive this status. These hackers are granted additional benefits as a result. The standard ID Verification process is available to any hacker who has submitted a valid report, providing a convenient method for identity confirmation.

Are there any more vetting steps I can complete as a Clear member?

Some programs require further information to be verified for a Hacker to identify who may join their program. This can be in the form of knowing your residencies and/or citizenships.

  • Residency means having the legal right to live and work in a country or state.

  • Citizenship means having formal membership in a country or state, entitling you to hold the country's passport.

To verify your residencies and/or citizenships, you need to complete additional ID verifications using specific ID types per country that validate this information.

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