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Hackers: Explanation and walkthrough of ID Verification.

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Due to the sensitive nature of their systems, some programs require you to verify your identity before you can submit reports. Hackers who wish to participate in these programs must complete the ID verification process.

How do I become ID verified?

Any hacker who has submitted a valid report is eligible for ID verification. To start the process, visit the User Profile page and click the ID Verification header:

You will first need to sign our Rules of Engagement. To start this, click the Sign the Rules of Engagement button:

The Rules of Engagement pop-up will be displayed. Review the hyperlinked documents and, once ready, tick the box to confirm that you agree to the Rules of Engagement and press the Save button:

Now you will be able to start the ID Verification by clicking on the Start Verification button:

Check out our tips, then read and confirm that you give consent to our ID Verification Vendor, Veriff, to process your data for the identity check by ticking the box. Then click the Start the process button:

You will be redirected to our partner, Veriff, to continue the process there. If you are not ready to finish your ID verification, an email will be sent with a link to continue the process later.

ID Verification Renewals

ID Verification is a process that must be repeated each year. After you’ve done your ID Verification, you can enjoy its benefits for 12 months. You’ll be asked to re-verify your identity 1 month before the expiration date of your last ID Verification. Renewals must also be done 1 month before the expiration date of your provided ID documents.

If you are unable to renew your ID Verification within the month, your ID Verification privileges will be revoked. This means you will lose access to programs that require ID Verification, and the green badge will also be removed from your profile.

Are you also part of the Clear program? Prioritize this yearly ID Verification renewal to keep your Clear status and privileges.

What distinguishes H1 Clear from the standard ID Verification process?

H1 Clear is a stricter and more thorough process that requires a more stringent criminal background check, ensuring that only these hackers receive this status. The standard ID Verification process is available to any hacker who has submitted a valid report, providing a convenient method for identity confirmation.

How do I know that my identity is verified?

ID-verified hackers receive a green badge on their profile page:

Clear hackers will still see their Clear badge!

How can I see the status of my ID verification?

The place in the settings page where you started your ID verification will also show the progress of your application.

Note: Veriff will not disclose the status of your ID verification or the reason why your application was rejected.

What is Veriff?

We partnered with Veriff to verify your identity. Veriff is a company that uses instant image processing to verify your submitted documents. When you start the ID verification process, you will be redirected to Veriff.

Please do not contact our partner Veriff for the status of your ID verification. Veriff will not disclose this information due to its confidentiality.

Additionally, please note that Veriff should not be the target for any testing against HackerOne.

How to ensure a smooth ID verification process

To ensure that you get through the process smoothly, here are some tips:

Have a valid ID ready

Your passport, ID card, residence permit, or driver's license will usually do the trick (accepted IDs may be country-dependent). Make sure your ID is not expired or physically damaged.

Use a working camera with a decent internet connection

Newer smartphones and mobile devices tend to have great cameras, so they're the best option to get verified. If your laptop has a decent webcam, it can work as well. Just uncover the camera, clean the lens, and, if possible, use one of the recommended browsers for your device.

Recommended browsers by device:

  • PC: Chrome or Firefox

  • Mac: Safari or Chrome

  • iPhones and iPads: Safari

  • Android devices: Chrome

You might be required to give temporary access to your camera and microphone to complete the verification, but this only lasts during the verification process and not beyond.

Be quick, but don't rush

Have your ID handy because you'll have about five minutes to show it before the session closes. The limit is there for your protection.

Good lighting is essential

Dark rooms and strong background light result in low-quality photos that are tough to analyze. Also, please remove glasses, headphones, and all other headgear that make it harder to identify you.

Go through verification on your own

Friendly assistance is one thing, coercion quite another (it happens more often than you think). When in doubt, we'll err on the side of caution and decline verification. Better safe than sorry.

Take sharp and readable ID photos

Keep an eye on the screen and make sure the entire identity document fits within the markers. This helps us to verify you faster. If the photo is blurry or poorly lit, click Try again and take a better one.

Both sides, please

If you're using an ID card, driver's license, or residence permit to verify your identity, please photograph both sides of the card or paper. Don't worry, we'll walk you through it.

Using a passport?

Take a picture of your passport photo page. It's the page with your picture, personal details, and other data necessary for verification.

You and Your ID

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes you'll be asked for a selfie with your ID document in the same frame. If we do need selfie verification, make sure you and your document are in frame, in focus, and readable.

If your application is rejected for any reason, you can simply try again! If you fail twice in a row, you will be asked to wait 30 days before applying again.

Why is my application rejected?

Here is an overview of common reasons for rejection.

We were unable to parse the text in the front image

Our partner Veriff cannot scan the text in your submitted pictures if the photo is blurry or unclear in other ways. Make sure you follow the tips outlined above to ensure high-quality pictures.

You didn't look in the correct direction in the selfie

Veriff will ask you to take a selfie, make sure you face the screen in this step. Keep your eyes on the screen, and move your head to the left and right if instructed. Make sure you turn your head in the correct direction!

No barcode was detected on the ID or the barcode on the ID was not fully readable

If the document you're scanning contains any form of barcode, make sure that your picture fully contains this barcode. Pictures with blurry or cut-off barcodes can result in rejections.

The provided ID has expired

Your documents need to be up-to-date when applying for ID Verification. Expired documents will be rejected.

The provided ID appears to be a photocopy

Photocopies or any other form of scans of your ID will not be accepted. You must take a picture of your actual ID document during your application.

We were unable to fully read the MRZ on the ID

If your document contains text that is similar to the text in the image below, make sure it is fully present in your uploaded images. The text can not be cut off in the image, and it can not be blurry.

You must be at least 18 years old to use this service

At this time, we do not accept users younger than 18 years old into the ID Verification program.

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