Background Checks

Learn how to become criminal background-checked

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Who are background-checked hackers?

Background-checked hackers have satisfied strict criminal background checks.

How does a hacker become background-checked?

To be a part of the background-checked hacker community, you need to be a member of the HackerOne community that produces high-quality findings, acts responsibly, and behaves professionally per our Code of Conduct. You’ll specifically be invited to obtain a criminal background check after previously agreeing to a stricter set of terms called the HackerOne Rules of Engagement (These terms build on our regular hacker terms but have stricter confidentiality terms and higher expectations around professional conduct) and completing an ID Verification and meeting our various platform requirements.

You’ll need to pass a criminal background check. When the criminal background check comes back without any red flags, you’ll be certified to participate in HackerOne Clear background-checked programs.

HackerOne partners with First Advantage to conduct all global criminal background checks. For all countries, the maximum criminal background check allowed by law is performed. Countries where it’s illegal to perform criminal background checks, unfortunately, won’t be eligible to participate in HackerOne criminal background checked Clear programs. We do not accept users younger than 18 years old into background-checked programs.

Note: The criminal background check is repeated on a regular basis and is required to retain your participation in HackerOne Clear programs.

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