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Hackers: Learn how to become criminal background-checked

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Due to the sensitive nature of their systems, some programs require you to complete a criminal background check before you can submit reports. Hackers who wish to participate in these programs must complete the criminal background check process.

Who are background-checked hackers?

Background-checked hackers have satisfied strict criminal background checks.

How does a hacker become background-checked?

To be a part of the background-checked hacker community, you need to be a member of the HackerOne community that produces high-quality findings, acts responsibly, and behaves professionally per our Code of Conduct. You’ll specifically be invited to obtain a criminal background check after previously agreeing to a stricter set of terms called the HackerOne Rules of Engagement (These terms build on our regular hacker terms but have stricter confidentiality terms and higher expectations around professional conduct) and completing an ID Verification, be from a country in which criminal background checks are permissible and meeting the following our various platform requirements:

  • Be ID verified, have exemplary platform performance and professionalism - agree to our Rules of Engagement

  • Be from a country that permits background checks

  • Be 18 or older

  • Meet a minimum of:

    • Lifetime Signal: 4

    • Lifetime Impact: 15

    • Lifetime Bounty: $15,000.

You’ll need to pass a criminal background check. When the criminal background check comes back without any red flags, you’ll be certified to participate in HackerOne Clear background-checked programs.

HackerOne partners with Checkr to conduct all global criminal background checks. For all countries, we perform the maximum criminal background check allowed by law. Unfortunately, countries where it’s illegal to perform criminal background checks won’t be eligible to participate in HackerOne criminal background-checked Clear programs. We do not accept users younger than 18 years old into background-checked programs.

Note: The criminal background check is repeated regularly and is required to retain your participation in HackerOne Clear programs.

How do I become a criminal background-checked hacker?

Any hacker who is eligible for a criminal background check can start the process by visiting the User Profile page and clicking the ID Verification + Clear header:

User profile button

start Clear process screen and button

Now you will be able to start the criminal background check.

  1. Click Start Clear Process

  2. Select your location - USA or Other countries

  3. Use the dropdown to select your country or state if you are in the US

  4. Click Next

start background check process modal - USA
start background check process modal - other countries

Check out our tips, then read and confirm that you give consent to our criminal background check vendor, Checkr, to process your data for the criminal background check by ticking the box. Then click the Start the process button:

learn more about background checks before starting the process

You will be redirected to our partner, Checkr, to continue the process there. If you are not ready to finish your criminal background check application, an email will be sent from Checkr, with a link to continue the process later.

While the background check is in progress, the ID Verification + Clear tab in your User Profile will confirm that your background check is in progress and you will be informed when the check is completed.

If your background check is approved the message will change to confirm the completion of this check. You will also receive an email about the outcome of the Clear process.

Your background is checked confirmation

What distinguishes H1 Clear from the standard ID Verification process?

H1 Clear is a stricter and more thorough process that requires a more stringent criminal background check, ensuring that only these hackers receive this status. The standard ID Verification process is available to any hacker who has submitted a valid report, providing a convenient method for identity confirmation.

How do I know that I am a background-checked Clear Hacker?

ID-verified hackers receive a green badge on their profile page:

id-verified profile picture

Clear background-checked Hackers will see the blue Clear badge on their profile page:

Clear-verified profile picture

How can I see the status of my criminal background check?

The place in the settings page where you started your criminal background check will also show the progress of your application.

Note: Checkr will not disclose the status of your criminal background check or the reason why your application was rejected.

What is Checkr?

We partnered with Checkr to complete your criminal background check. When you start the ID verification process, you will be redirected to Checkr.

Please do not contact our partner Checkr for the status of your criminal background check. Checkr will not disclose this information due to its confidentiality.

Additionally, please note that Checkr should not be the target for any testing against HackerOne.

What information will I need to provide?

You will need to submit your personally identifiable information (PII). This includes:

  • Full name (including middle name)

  • Date of birth

  • Social Security number (SSN) - USA only

  • Current zip/postal code

  • Phone number

  • Email address

Note: you may be asked to provide additional information depending on your country.

How long does a criminal background check take?

The average turnaround time for criminal background checks varies by country and screening. For example:

  • Argentina - average 5 to 6 days

  • Brazil - average 5 to 6 days

  • Czech Republic - average 8 to 9 days

  • France - average 11 days

  • India - average 7 to 8 days

  • The Netherlands - average 12 to 16 days

  • Pakistan - average 7 to 8 days

  • Turkey - average 7 to 8 days

  • United Kingdom - average 11 to 12 days

  • USA - average 4 to 5 days

Note: Turnaround time begins when Checkr has received all required forms and information from you.

Information that can appear on your report

According to state and federal law, information that may be included in your criminal background check includes but isn’t limited to reportable criminal records.

How far back certain records can be considered

We review the record history of the last 7 years.

How do I submit additional information or documentation to Checkr?

If you are asked to submit additional information or documentation to complete your criminal background check, follow Checkr’s instructions here.

I am from a country that does not allow criminal background checks. Can I still use this process?

Unfortunately, you cannot complete this process if you are from a country that does not legally allow background checks. The current list of countries impacted by this are Afghanistan, Djibouti, French Polynesia, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Iran, Isle of Man, Israel, Jersey, Kosovo, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Macao, Mayotte, Sierra Leone, and Syrian Arab Republic.

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