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Installing the CloudFlare Warp Client
Installing the CloudFlare Warp Client

For use with Gateway V2

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To use the Gateway V2 (VPN), you will need to install the CloudFlare WARP client. Instructions on how to do so can be found here: CloudFlare Documentation.




Note: By clicking the links, you will leave the HackerOne docs site and be forwarded to the CloudFlare website

Installing the Dockerized Cloudflare WARP Client

For use with Gateway V2

The Dockerized Cloudflare WARP Client automates the installation of the Cloudflare WARP client and the Root CA in a Docker container to connect to the HackerOne Gateway. It also allows simultaneous connections to several programs by initiating proxies for each program on different ports.

To install the Dockerized WARP Client, clone HackerOne’s h1-vpn repository and follow the installation and configuration instructions in the README file.

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