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Reputation Milestone Swag
Reputation Milestone Swag

Hackers: There are several milestones you can achieve to earn swag

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What is Milestone Swag?

Did you know that HackerOne has something called the Reputation Milestone Swag? Not only is this swag snazzy, but it is also a great way to showcase your success on the HackerOne platform!

Starting at 500 Rep, there are several milestones you can achieve to earn swag.

What are the Milestones?

  • 500 Rep Milestone

  • 750 Rep Milestone

  • 1500 Rep Milestone

  • 2500 Rep Milestone

  • 5K Rep Milestone

  • 10K Rep Milestone

What can I get when I hit each milestone?

It depends! In the past, we have offered swag such as wristbands, totes, stickers, notebooks, hats, hoodies, and sweaters.

How do I claim my Milestone Swag?

Once you hit a milestone, contact Support via the HackerOne Support Portal. Support will send you a link through which you can select your piece of swag.

Who covers customs costs?

Unfortunately, HackerOne does not cover the cost of customs fees, charges, or costs. You are liable to pay these fees.

Are there any countries where swag can’t be shipped?

Due to postal changes, we cannot currently ship swag to China or Brazil.

Other Limitations on Claiming Milestone Swag

  • Hackers may claim swag from the most recently achieved milestone level. Keep in mind that requests for retroactive milestone requests will not be honored.

    • Example Question: “I’m at 1500 Rep, I never claimed my 750 Rep & 500 Rep swag - can I claim these?”)

      • Answer: You can only claim the award for your current milestone.

  • You may only redeem swag once for each milestone.

  • We cannot substitute swag items with others.

How long does it take to receive my swag?

Typically, it will take anywhere between 2-3 weeks to receive your swag, however, keep in mind that certain countries may take longer to ship to. If you haven’t received your swag after 6 weeks, please contact Support via the HackerOne Support Portal for help.

Note: reputation milestones and swag are subject to change and updates.

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