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Opportunity Discovery
Opportunity Discovery

A central place to discover bounty programs, VDPs, pentests, and future earning opportunities

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The Opportunity discovery page provides a central place to discover bounty programs, VDPs, pentests, and future earning openings, while also providing a consistent filtering experience.

From here, you can search and filter by program name, program type, asset type, or industry. Or you can simply scroll down to see recommended opportunities with the most important information in a card for quick browsing. The recommendations are grouped based on industries, assets, technologies, and bounties. All drop-down filters on the Opportunities page search results are multi-select with search functionality.

Each program card displays:

  • The program name

  • Bookmark star

  • Feedback menu (3 dots)

  • Status tags

  • Program features

  • Asset types

  • Minimum and maximum bounty

  • Response standards

Note: Pentest cards will look slightly different

If you would like to learn more about the program, click see details to go to the program page. You can also click the star in the top right corner to favorite a program for easy access later.

Opportunity Discovery gives hackers feedback about the scope changes and new opportunities and opens the door to creating even more tailored information. If an opportunity does not interest you or is particularly inaccurate, you can click the Feedback Menu (three dots) in the top right corner to open a menu with the options show more like this and not interested.

Card feedback menu

Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for a specific engagement name or filter by program type, asset type, or industry type. You can also sort the results by newest program, oldest program, most reports resolved, or fewest reports resolved.

My Programs

The My Programs page enables you to better manage all the programs you're a part of. You can view the private programs you've accepted invitations for and the public programs you've hacked on.

For each program, you can view:

  • The total number of reports resolved

  • The minimum bounty

  • The average bounty

  • Your stats: The total number of reports you've submitted, the number of valid reports, and the total amount of bounties you've earned

You can leave the private programs you no longer wish to participate in by clicking Leave Program next to the program you want to leave.

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