Residency & Citizenship Checks

Organizations: Learn how to become residency and/or citizenship-checked.

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Some HackerOne programs require Community Members to verify their residencies and/or citizenships to participate in them. These programs require you to have extra screening due to the sensitive nature of their systems. Only hackers who have verified their residencies or citizenships are potentially eligible to participate in these programs.

  • Residency means having the legal right to live and work in a country or state.

  • Citizenship means having formal membership in a country or state, entitling you to hold the country's passport.

What if I have more than one residency and/or citizenship?

You must verify all residencies and citizenships that you have when completing the process. You can complete multiple checks to verify each residency and/or citizenship.

What if I do not have an ID to verify all of my residencies and/or citizenships?

If you cannot verify one of your residencies and/or citizenship, you can confirm that you have additional residencies and citizenship. We may come back to you later to ask for additional information about this.

Do I need to verify both my residency and my citizenship?

No, if you only have an ID for only your residency or citizenship, you can verify one but not the other. However, you must confirm all residencies or citizenships if you do have more than one.

What if my residencies and/or citizenships change?

You can update your profile to verify additional residencies or citizenships at any time. Additionally, you can delete any that no longer apply to you.

How does a hacker become residency and/or citizenship-checked?

To verify your residencies or citizenships, you need to complete additional ID verifications using specific ID types that validate this information.

Any hacker who has submitted a valid report is eligible for residency or citizenship checks. To start the process, visit the User Profile page and click the Residencies & Citizenships tab as shown below.

User settings

Then you will be able to start the residency or citizenship check by clicking on the Add residency verification or Add Citizenship verification button:

Check out our tips, then read and confirm that you give consent to our ID Verification Vendor, Veriff, to process your data for the identity check by ticking the box and then clicking the Start the process button:

You will be redirected to our partner, Veriff, to continue the process there. If you are not ready to finish your ID verification, an email will be sent with a link to continue the process later. Once complete, the residency/citizenship sections will be updated.

If you have any residencies or citizenships you cannot verify, click the link in the message that says, "If you can’t verify the residency/citizenship add the information here.”

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