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Hacker 101

Hackers: Learn the basics of hacking with our free course!

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Need to learn the basics of hacking? HackerOne offers Hacker101 - a free online course about web security. The course is taught through video lessons where you don't have to go through the course in order, but you can simply watch the lessons on the topics that you want to learn about.

Explore a range of topics in the course, including report writing, Burp proxy setup, cookie security, clickjacking, and crypto attacks. Access all course material at

You can view the FAQ list at or email with questions or comments.

Hacker101 home page

Hacker101 CTF

Hacker 101 also offers a Capture The Flag (CTF) game where you can hack and hunt for bugs in a safe environment. The CTF serves as the official coursework for the class. You can still access the old coursework on the GitHub repo.

Once you have earned 26 points in the CTF, you’ll be eligible to receive invitations to private programs.

Hacker101 Capture the flag (ctf)

To get started on the Hacker101 CTF:

  1. Log in with your HackerOne account.
    Note: You need a HackerOne account to log in to the Hacker101 CTF. If you don’t have a HackerOne account, go to the Login tab and click Log in. You will be redirected to create a HackerOne account.

    Hacker101 CTF login
  2. Authorize Hacker101 CTF to access your HackerOne public profile and flags.

    Authorize H101 prompt
  3. Select the difficulty of the level that you want to find flags for.

    Select difficulty level
  4. Click Go to start capturing flags.

If you get stuck, you can select Hints to receive a hint. Most levels contain 3-5 hints, and each subsequent hint has a progressively longer timer.

Click Restart if your instance is bugging out or running slow. You won’t lose any of your captured flags for clicking Restart.


You can also create your own group and invite others to join, through which you can manage individuals and their progress in working through the CTF.

CTF Groups page
Creating a CTF Group

Learn more about Hacker101 CTF

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