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Best practices and instructions for running successful engagements

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General SettingsBounty program settings
User ManagementManage your team members
Groups and PermissionsMake customized groups with different access rights on your program
Security PageA program's Security Page contains key information about your program and your security disclosure policy
Program MetricsOrganizations: Learn how healthy your program is and show hackers
Response Target IndicatorsHackerOne metrics & indicators for program success criteria
Top HackersYour Security Page can list the top 5 hackers that disclosed vulnerabilities to your program
Bounty TablesShow how much you are willing to pay for various bugs
Importance of Bounty TablesLearn how bounty tables help your program
Internet Bug BountyOrganizations: Overview & FAQs for the IBB program
InvitationsHow hackers are invited to your program
Submission RequirementsOrganizations: Set specific requirements for hackers to submit reports
Signal RequirementsSet a signal threshold that hackers must reach to submit reports
Two-Factor AuthenticationAdd an extra layer of protection to your account
Invalid OTP CodeTroubleshooting Google Authenticator invalid OTP codes
NotificationsOrganizations: Keep track of activity in your program
Response Program SetupWalk through the steps of setting up & launching your program
Using the Support PortalOrganizations: Submit a support ticket
Asset-Based Credential ManagementAllow a hacker access to private areas through credentials
CVE RequestsOrganizations: Learn how to request new CVE IDs for your program's vulnerabilities
Credential ManagementEasily share access credentials with hackers
Scope Best PracticesBest practices for creating a high-quality scope
Bounty AutopilotFoster engagement with hackers when vulnerabilities become more scarce
Reward Competitiveness IndicatorSet competitive reward amounts for your bug bounty engagements
Support & Mediation HoursCustomers: Our Support & Mediation team's business hours
Spot ChecksOrganizations: Bite-sized engagements you can run on BBPs or Challenges
Report Subscription PreferencesOrganizations: Set your subscription preferences for reports