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Your Engagements

Best practices and instructions for running successful engagements

26 articles
General SettingsOrganizations: Bounty program settings
User ManagementOrganizations: Manage your team members
Groups and PermissionsOrganizations: Make customized groups with different access rights on your program
Program MetricsOrganizations: Learn how healthy your program is and show hackers
Response Target IndicatorsOrganizations: HackerOne metrics & indicators for program success criteria
Top HackersOrganizations: Your Security Page can list the top hackers that disclosed vulnerabilities to your program
Bounty TablesOrganizations: Show how much you are willing to pay for various bugs
Importance of Bounty TablesOrganizations: Learn how bounty tables help your program
Internet Bug BountyOrganizations: Overview & FAQs for the IBB program
InvitationsOrganizations: How to invite hackers to your program
Submission RequirementsOrganizations: Set specific requirements for hackers to submit reports
Signal RequirementsOrganizations: Set a signal threshold that hackers must reach to submit reports
Two-Factor AuthenticationOrganizations: Add an extra layer of protection to your account
Invalid OTP CodeOrganizations: Troubleshooting Google Authenticator invalid OTP codes
NotificationsOrganizations: Keep track of activity in your program
Response Program SetupOrganizations: Walk through the steps of setting up & launching your program
Using the Support PortalOrganizations: Submit a support ticket
Asset-Based Credential ManagementOrganizations: Allow a hacker access to private areas through credentials
CVE RequestsOrganizations: Learn how to request new CVE IDs for your program's vulnerabilities
Credential ManagementOrganizations: Easily share access credentials with hackers
Scope Best PracticesOrganizations: Best practices for creating a high-quality scope
Bounty AutopilotOrganizations: Foster engagement with hackers when vulnerabilities become more scarce
Reward Competitiveness IndicatorOrganizations: Set competitive reward amounts for your bug bounty engagements
Support & Mediation HoursCustomers: Our Support & Mediation team's business hours
Spot ChecksOrganizations: Bite-sized engagements you can run on BBPs or Challenges
Report Subscription PreferencesOrganizations: Set your subscription preferences for reports