Keep track of activity in your program

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Notifications enable you to keep track of activity happening in your program. The default setting is to receive notifications for all activity on all reports. This means that any action causing a change to a report will generate an email notification. A notification will go to all team members who are part of your program and the hacker who found the vulnerability. If the action is for internal purposes, only your team members will be notified. Learn more about how to manage your report notifications.

In addition to receiving notifications for activity on reports, you'll also receive notifications for:

  • Members leaving your program

  • Payments

  • Product changes

  • Policy updates

  • Program updates

  • Account changes




If a user self-submits a report, does that specific user receive a New Report notification?

Yes. The user will receive a New Report notification for a report they submitted.

Can I customize the notifications someone receives? For example, if the head of security just wants to know about new reports coming in, can they receive notifications just for that?

Sorry, we currently don't enable you to customize your notifications in this way.

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