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Reward Competitiveness Indicator
Reward Competitiveness Indicator

Set competitive reward amounts for your bug bounty engagements

Updated over a week ago

The Reward Competitiveness Indicator helps your program managers with setting competitive reward amounts for your bug bounty engagements.

To determine how competitive your bounty table is, we look at the hackers who were active but stopped submitting reports to your program in the last 6 months. We assess the programs they reported to and the bounties they were offered.

If your bounty offer can re-engage inactive hackers, it's likely competitive. The score is calculated based on critical and high values, with a 90% or higher score being considered competitive.

To view your competitiveness score follow these steps:

  1. Engagement Settings > Program > Rewards Bounty

  2. Click ‘ Calculate Rewards Competitiveness’

Tip: To get these insights you should have

  • at least one bounty table row with bounty values filled in for each severity

  • hackers who have submitted valid reports to the program

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