Bounty Autopilot

Foster engagement with hackers when vulnerabilities become more scarce

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Bounty Autopilot

Bounty Autopilot is designed to foster engagement with hackers when vulnerabilities become more scarce. This helps automatically align hacker incentives with the difficulty and effort required to find vulnerabilities.

The Bounty Autopilot will continue to incrementally increase over the course of 90 days or until a high or critical vulnerability is found and resolved. At this point, the bounty tables will become editable.

You can switch on the Bounty Autopilot in Bounties whilst configuring your bounty table.

  1. Navigate to Engagement Settings by selecting Engagements in your navigation bar then using the kabob menu on the right (three vertical dots).

  2. Go to Bounty tables by selecting Programs > Rewards > Bounties. Configure your bounty table per the guidance here.

  3. Switch on the Bounty Autopilot by clicking the toggle bar.


  1. While the feature is enabled, you will not be able to adjust the bounty table rows

  2. Autopilot is only available on static bounty tables.

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