HackerOne Clear

HackerOne Clear programs are programs that require proven hackers to be background-checked in order to participate in them. These programs require you to have extra screening due to the sensitive nature of their systems. Only hackers that are background-checked are able to participate in these programs.

What are the benefits of HackerOne Clear?

As a HackerOne Clear hacker, you'll be eligible to receive private program invites from those programs that require Clear hackers. These programs will pay higher than average critical bounty payouts and could have some additional assets in scope that are only available to you as a Clear hacker.

How do I become a part of HackerOne Clear?

There’s currently no application process for HackerOne Clear. Clear is currently only available to selected hackers based on their performance and stats. You may be contacted to enroll if you are an active member of HackerOne with good stats (impact, signal, reputation) and have zero Code of Conduct violations.

How do I know if I’m a Clear member?

After completing the background check, Clear verified hackers will have this blue checkmark on their profile indicating that they’re Clear verified:

Clear verified checkmark