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January 2024 Changelog
January 2024 Changelog

A full collection of changes released during the month of January

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Residency and Citizenship Checking via Veriff

Residency and Citizenship checking is now available through our third-party vendor, Veriff. This feature is accessible to all Hackers and Clear & Pentest Premium customers. Learn more in our customer article and hacker article.


  • Hackers can optionally verify their residency(ies) and/or citizenship(s) using specific documents through Veriff, meeting the strict regulatory needs of some programs.

  • Adds an invite filter for Clear and Pentest Premium programs, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


For Hackers: Follow the instructions in your user profile to start the residency and citizenship checking process.

Residency & Citizenship verification process infographic

For Clear customer programs: Use Support App to filter invites for relevant Hackers, automatically removing those who no longer meet program requirements.

Program ID verification package options

Quality of Life Improvements

Experience an enhanced hacker journey with Bugfixes and exciting New Features:


  • Cleared search bar now effectively clears.

  • Filter sheet always saves, even when clicking outside.

New Features:

  • Fresh visual representation of Hacktivity items for an intuitive experience

  • Mobile version of Hacktivity for smaller devices

  • Improved UX for reporter and program input fields in the filter sheet

  • Convenient Clear All button in the search bar

  • Current page is reflected in the URL for easy navigation and sharing

  • Labels for read & unread reports to see what’s new

  • New banner exclusively for non-signed-in users

Hacktivity Improvements

The Hacktivity page now has visual indicators for read and unread reports! Now you won’t lose track of which reports you have already read.

HAI “For You” Tab

The For You tab is now live for everyone in Hai, revolutionizing the reporting experience. This feature proactively addresses four crucial points for every report: triage summary, scope violation status, suggested titles, and suggested CWE IDs.

Upon opening Hai for new reports, you will discover two tabs: Chat for open dialogue and For You for ready-made prompts with immediate insights, serving as a launchpad for further queries.

Flexibility is key! Create specific overrides for programs with unique requirements. While we start with a standardized prompt, you can share your specific needs, such as different summary formats, and we'll seamlessly integrate them.

Hai "for you" tab

New Organization Dashboards: Response Efficiency and Statistics!

We’ve introduced two new dashboards now accessible to all customers in their Organization Analytics. These organization-level dashboards offer a higher level and more flexible interface to key metrics. This allows us to deprecate older dashboards with less reliable data, streamlining and simplifying our reporting.

  • Visualize response times across SLA metrics.

  • Individual charts for each SLA, with breakdowns by SLA targets and standards.

  • Aggregate metrics over all SLAs.

  • Designed as an organization-level replacement for the Program Health dashboard.

Response Efficiency dashboard

  • Displays combined metrics for Submissions, Retests, Rewards, SLAs, and Invitations.

  • Serves as an organization-level replacement for the Program Statistics dashboard.

Statistics Dashboard

Program Satisfaction Surveys

Introducing Program Satisfaction Surveys, empowering hackers to provide structured and ongoing feedback for Public Bug Bounty Programs and active hackers on a private program. This survey, addressing a recognized gap in our feedback-gathering, originated from requests by our Customer Success team through the Change Board and direct feedback from hackers across various channels.


  • Hackers receive a survey popup after a new report submission.

  • Proactively answer the survey from the Program Profile or Opportunity Discovery.


The Program Satisfaction Surveys align with calendar year quarters, allowing hackers to evaluate a program four times per year.

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