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Inbox & Reports

Learn about your inboxes and reports

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Report StatesAll Audiences: All reports are either Open or Closed and can be changed to a variety of different states.
Report ComponentsAll Audiences: Components you'll find in your reports
Keyboard ShortcutsKeyboard shortcuts for navigating reports
Using MarkdownLearn how to use Markdown syntax
Custom FieldsConfigure custom fields to add data to your reports

Setting Response TargetsCustomize your program's response targets
Response Target MetricsOrganizations: Define targets for four response efficiency metrics
Response TargetsOrganizations: Set and achieve response target times for your program
Pausing Report SubmissionsPause new report submissions to give you time to address existing reports
Submit Report FormCustomize your report submission form
InboxFeatures of the Inbox to help you manage reports
Inbox ViewsEnable different members in your program to operate under a unified workflow
Report TemplatesEnsure you get high-quality reports
Organization Report ActionsOrganizations: Actions you can take on a report in your inbox
Quality ReportsOrganizations: Encourage hackers to submit high-quality reports
Locking ReportsLock closed reports to prevent further discussion or action
Duplicate ReportsWhen a hacker reports a vulnerability that has already been reported
Duplicate DetectionStreamline the detection of duplicate reports across programs
Export ReportsExport reports as different file types
Response LabelsSee which reports you need to take action on
DisclosureOrganizations: Be transparent about security vulnerabilities
Custom InboxesOrganizations: Separate report access based on teams, assets, or business units.
Limiting Disclosed InformationOrganizations: Limit shared information instead of disclosing reports in full detail
RetestingOrganizations: Ask hackers to verify whether a fix has been made
Request Code ReviewVerify source code updates adequately address reported vulnerabilities
VacationsLet hackers know that your internal security resources will be limited for a bit
HackerOne on Your ProgramUnderstand who is interacting with your reports
Hai - AI CopilotCustomers: Hai - Your intelligent co-pilot within HackerOne