Setting Response Targets

Customize your program's response targets

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You can customize your program's response targets by configuring the number of business days.

To customize your program's response target:

  1. Go to Program Settings > Program > Customization > Response Targets.

  2. Input the response target in days for your program under the Target column.

  3. (Optional) Set targets for time to resolution by severity. To set targets by severity:

    • Select the checkbox for Advanced: Set target by severity.

    • Input the target in days for each severity level.

We recommend your targets fall within the Recommended and Response Standard times.



Response Standard

Time to first response

1 day

5 days

Time to triage

2 days

10 days

Time to bounty

1 day (after triage)


Time to resolution

30 days


  • To edit your program's response targets, you must have program permissions.

  • Modified targets will be applied to reports created after the modification.

  • Reports created before modification will have previous response targets applied.

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