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Restricted from Submissions
Restricted from Submissions

Hackers: Learn about report restrictions and how they work

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You can be restricted from submissions, meaning you won't be able to submit reports to certain programs. There are 2 reasons as to why you might be restricted from submissions:

  1. You're a new user and have submitted a large amount of reports in the same day

  2. You run into a program with signal requirements that you don't meet

Submission Limits:

New hackers on HackerOne are subject to submission limits to ensure the quality and manageability of reports received by programs. Initially, new hackers can submit up to four reports within a 30-day window for programs with signal requirements. For programs without signal requirements, there is no initial submission limit. Other daily limitations increase as the hacker's reputation increases.


  • Reputation-based exceptions: Hackers can exceed the initial submission limit based on their reputation points earned from triaged reports. Higher reputation signifies trustworthiness and quality in submissions, allowing hackers to submit more reports per day.

Signal Requirements

Signal requirements allow programs to specify a required minimum signal that hackers must meet in order to submit reports to that program. Your signal for signal requirements is based on your activity from the last 365 days. If your signal is above their requirement, then you won’t be restricted from submissions for that program. If you don’t meet the required signal for a program, you'll be given a number of trial reports that you can submit so you can still participate in their program.

Note: Keep in mind that not all programs allow you to have trial reports.

How do trial reports work?

Trial reports are given when you don't meet the signal requirements for a program. They are given within a 30-day rolling window, and there are limits to the number of trial reports you can submit. These are the limits:

Type of Limit


New Hackers (you have less than 5 resolved reports on HackerOne)

Seasoned Hackers (you have more than 5 resolved reports on HackerOne)

Program Limit

The number of trial reports you're able to submit to a single program



Platform Limit

The total number of trial reports you're able to submit on the HackerOne platform



When you have 5 total trial reports left, you'll see a yellow warning box on top of the report submission form letting you know that the number of trial reports you have left is getting lower.

Use your trial reports wisely! These limited chances are the perfect opportunity to submit the best reports you have so that your signal can improve.

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