Claiming Reports

Claim reports that programs imported to HackerOne from external trackers

Updated over a week ago

Programs can import your reports from external issue trackers into HackerOne. When reports are imported, you’ll be invited to claim your report so that you can continue to access and work on them as well as earn reputation for reputable reports.

You will receive Invitations to claim your reports through email. To claim your report:

  1. Open the email you received to claim your report.

  2. Click Claim your report.

  3. Select to either Accept or Reject the invitation to claim the report.

If you claim your report, you’ll have access to your report in HackerOne where you can take action on the report. Depending on the report state, you’ll also properly be awarded with reputation. If you reject the invitation, you won't be able to contribute to the report.

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