HackerOne on Your Reports

HackerOne is proud to have employees based throughout the world. As our company grows, we want to ensure that our customers and hackers understand who is interacting with their reports.

While your reports go through the motions of report validation, you may see various members of the HackerOne team actively view, comment, or make changes to a report. We want to ensure that you are aware of who is reviewing your report, and have thus made the commitment to be more transparent and clear about who is present on reports you submit.

The following prefixes belong to members of the HackerOne team and their respective functions. Keep in mind that Customer Success Managers (CSM) are not yet using these prefixes at this time.

Prefix User
h1_analyst A member of the HackerOne Triage team
h1_mediation A member of the HackerOne Mediation Team

With this update, effective December 2022, HackerOne users will no longer be able to use h1 at the beginning of handles; this includes usernames, program handles, and API tokens. These prefixes are locked and restricted to HackerOne employees only, meaning that hackers are unable to claim these prefixes as their own.

Please reach out to HackerOne Support at support@hackerone.com if you have any questions or feedback to share.