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Step-by-step instructions for creating a hacker account on our platform.

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Congratulations on deciding to use HackerOne as your platform in submitting vulnerabilities! Here are the steps that'll get you up and hacking:

  1. Create an account here.
    You don't have to use your real first and last name in creating an account. We understand that some hackers want to remain anonymous and not disclose their real identity. You're free to use a pseudonym of your choice to keep your identity from being disclosed.

  2. Verify your email by clicking Confirm email address in the verification email sent to your personal email.

  3. Configure your profile and account settings under Settings. You can customize these settings:




Add a picture to your profile, change your username, add a website, your location, and a personal blurb about yourself.


Set up two-factor authentication for your account.


Change the email associated with your account. You must provide your password in order to change your email.


Change your password.

Skill Set

Specify your skill set.

Set when you want to receive invitations for private programs. You can choose from these options:

  1. Always

  2. Only bug bounty programs

  3. Never


Manage the programs you're a member of. You can choose to leave programs and change your notification settings for each program.

Review the bounty you've received and check on the status of awaiting bounties. You can also sign and fill out your tax form and request a CSV file of your bounties overview.

Payout Methods

You can set up and add different payout methods for how you'd like to receive your payments. You can choose from these options:

  1. PayPal

  2. Bitcoin via Coinbase

  3. Bank Transfer


Provide your mailing address in order to be able to receive swag.

View the status of your reputation.


Enter your current password to disable your account.

  1. Go to the Hacker Dashboard > Getting Started to explore and be directed to the right pages to help you get the information you need to successfully start out on HackerOne. You can:

Note: h1 as a username prefix is locked and restricted to HackerOne employees only. This means that effective December 2022, HackerOne users will no longer be able to use h1 at the beginning of handles; this includes usernames, program handles, and API tokens.

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