Pausing Report Submissions

HackerOne enables you to temporarily pause new report submissions for your program to give you time to address existing reports. If your program has alerts that are failing response SLAs, automated alerts will suggest pausing report submissions.

To pause submissions:

  1. Go to Program Settings > Program > Customization > Submit Report Form.
  2. Select No for Accepting new report submissions.

When you pause report submissions for your program, HackerOne:

  • Communicates this to potential hackers with a message notification on your program's security page.
  • Disables the Submit Report button on your security page

Programs can re-enable report submissions as long as they don't currently have reports that are failing to meet response SLAs.

For programs that don't meet response SLA limits, HackerOne may temporarily pause new report submissions for you. When a program fixes all of their failing SLA reports, report submissions will automatically resume.