Submissions Dashboard

Metrics on hacker submissions for multiple engagements in your organization

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The Submissions Dashboard shows metrics on hacker submissions for multiple engagements of your organization on the HackerOne platform, including bug bounty, vulnerability disclosure, challenges, and Assessments (pentest) programs. You can export all of your data at once as a PDF or by sections as a CSV, PDF, or PNG image file. Analytics on payments, including bounty, is now shown on a separate page.

Note: Analytics is available at (a) a program-level from the Engagements page for your organization, and (b) org-level, across multiple programs in your organization, by clicking on the left-side Analytics icon.

Submissions and Submissions by Severity

The Submissions chart shows the number of valid submissions during the selected time period compared to the average for all HackerOne customers. The Submissions by Severity chart shows how reports are distributed by severity levels. You can apply the filters described in the previous section to review this data by date range or assets.

Sample charts from Submissions Dashboard

Submissions by Weakness and by Asset

The Submissions by Weakness chart shows how your reports are spread among the different weakness types. You can view what areas you’re receiving the most valid vulnerabilities in so you can see which issues your program is most susceptible to.

submissions by weakness or asset bar graphs

The Submissions by Assets chart enables you to explore hacker reports by asset over time. You can use the filters described at the top of this page to add/remove assets to analyze the data further.

Top Weaknesses by Submission Count

This chart provides an overview of the top weaknesses in your program(s). This can help as a baseline for weakness identification, mitigation, and prevention efforts. It can be used to focus application developer training and improve secure coding practices.

top weaknesses by submission

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