In order for hackers to hack on private programs, they must receive invitations. Hackers are able to receive invitations if they meet the following criteria:

  • Established reputation
  • Non-negative signal
  • Clear record with zero code of conduct violations

HackerOne manages your invitations by:

  • Daily checking to see if your program has met your report volume target in the last 30 days
  • Inviting hackers for your program if you’re not reaching your report volume target

How Invitations Work

The number of invitations HackerOne sends is based on your report volume on a rolling 30 day basis. These are the use cases as to how HackerOne sends invitations:

Case Action
You're far from meeting your report volume. HackerOne will gradually increase the number of invitations so you can meet your report volume.
You're receiving more reports while still being under your report volume. HackerOne will send out fewer invitations.
Your report volume is met. Invitations will pause until the volume drops below the target in the 30 day window.
Your report volume is set to 0. No invitations will be sent.

Note: HackerOne will be sure to prevent you from being overwhelmed with reports.

Setting Invitations

To set your invitations:

  1. Go to Engagements > Settings > Program > Invitations.
  2. Enter the number of reports you’d like to receive every 30 days in the Report volume field. HackerOne recommends starting out by setting a target of receiving 5 valid reports every 30 days.
    • The report volume is measured by the amount of valid reports submitted in the past 30 days. Valid reports include reports that have been marked by you as Triaged or Resolved. Reports that are left in New or marked to any other state won't count toward this goal. Learn more about report states.
  3. Click Save.

Manually Inviting Hackers

Note: Manual invitations are only applicable for Bug Bounty Programs.

Sometimes you might want to issue your own invitations to hackers. If you need to issue your own invitations to particular hackers as an exception:

  1. Go to Engagements > Settings > Program > Invitations.
  2. Select how you want to invite the hacker in the sentence that starts with Manually invite a hacker by. You can choose to invite a hacker by selecting either:
    • Email
    • Username
    • Reputation


HackerOne doesn’t recommend inviting unknown hackers. If a hacker has reached out to request an invitation to your private program, contact HackerOne as this is a clear violation of Disclosure Guidelines.

Managing Invitations

You can keep track of your invitations and which hackers have been invited to your program.

  • The Invited Hackers section lists all of the hackers that have accepted invitations. You can select Remove next to the hacker you want to remove from your program.
  • In the Pending Invitations section, you can cancel pending invitations.
  • Download your invitation status to CSV from the Program Invites Card on Program Overview page. The CSV will have the following columns:
    • Username
    • Invite Sent At
    • Invite Accepted At
    • Invite Rejected At
    • Invite Expires At
    • Signal
    • Reputation
    • Program Reputation
    • Impact

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