Hacker Engagement Dashboard

The Hacker Engagement dashboard shows metrics on hacker participation in your programs. Close attention to this data and follow-up actions will ensure that you have a healthy count of participating hackers for running a successful bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure program (VDP). These provide a deeper insight into how many hackers submit valid reports and how many return to your program over time.

The data displayed is for the time period chosen with the date picker at the right-top. For example, if the yearly option is selected with dates from 09-Dec-2021 to 09-Dec-2022, then the data is shown for the entire year of 2022. Also, the data shown in the charts is for the beginning to end of the reporting interval (month, quarter, or year).

Note: As part of the new org-level navigation with the left-side menu, analytics is now available at (a) a program-level from the Engagements page for your organization, and (b) org-level, across multiple programs in your organization, by clicking on the left-side Analytics icon.

Hacker Participation

The hacker participation chart shows the quality of hacker participation based on the number of hackers who submitted reports versus valid reports.

Active Hackers

The active hackers chart shows how many hackers are new to your program versus returning for the selected time period. Returning hackers includes any hacker who submitted at least one report of any kind during the previous 90 days. This is an indication of how actively hackers are participating in your program.

Active Hackers vs Valid Reports

The active hackers vs valid reports chart shows the count of active hackers and valid reports during the selected period. The same hacker may have submitted multiple valid reports. A valid report is one with any of the following sub-states: resolved, triaged, or retesting.

Retention vs Valid Reports

The retention vs valid reports chart shows how many returning hackers submitted valid reports during the selected period.

Top Hackers by Valid Reports

The top hackers by valid reports chart shows the top ten hackers with valid reports during the selected period. Analyzing top participating hackers with valid reports over different time periods can help you understand which hackers are most productive in helping improve the security of your assets. More information about hacker profiles can be found on the hacker leaderboard.

Top Hackers by Bounty Amount

The top hackers by bounty amount chart shows the top ten hackers who earned the highest bounty awards in your program over the selected time period.

Top Hackers by Severity

The top hackers by severity chart shows the top ten hackers based on the severity of the valid reports over the selected time period.

Invitation Funnel

The invitation funnel chart is only displayed for customers with private programs. The invitation funnel shows the overall flow of the number of hackers who were sent invites to join your private program, how many viewed the invite, accepted it, submitted any reports, and submitted valid reports.