Hacker Dashboard

Your hacker stats at a glance

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The Overview page is your guide to help you get started on HackerOne. You'll be directed to the right pages to help you get the information you need to successfully start out on HackerOne.

After you've submitted your first vulnerability, you'll be able to keep track of your statistics regarding the amount of bounties you've earned, the number of reports you've submitted, and your reputation. You can also view your top-earning programs.


The Retesting tab shows all retests you are currently involved in, have completed, or are invited to. You can manage invitations to retests from here.

Followed Hackers

See all the hackers you follow here. You can click their name to go to their profile or click Unfollow to remove them from this list.

Reputation, Impact and Signal

This tab allows you to see how each action affects your reputation, signal, and impact. You will see the:

  • Change

  • Reason

  • Change Date

  • Report

  • Team


Monitor your performance as a hacker from this tab with analytics on information such as Submissions by severity or Submissions by asset type category. You can also select a specific date range to view.

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