Hacktivity is HackerOne's community feed that showcases hacker activity on HackerOne. It also serves as a resource that enables you to search for reports regarding programs and weaknesses you're interested in so that you can see how specific weaknesses were exploited in various programs.

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You can sort your Hacktivity feed by:

Option Details
Popular Activities are listed based what's currently trending. They are ranked on the page primarily by their aggregated upvotes. The vote is weighted slightly more if it comes from a hacker with high signal. Additionally, each activity gets an initial boost if it is resolved and/or receives an above average bounty.
New Activities are ordered chronologically with the latest activity being listed on top. A previously appeared vulnerability goes back to the top when there is new activity on the report.

You can also filter the types of activities and programs you want to see listed with these filters:

Option Details
All Shows all activities that appear on Hacktivity.
Bug Bounty Only shows activities on reports that are submitted to programs that provide bounties.
Published Only shows activities on reports that are from external sources outside of HackerOne. See: Publishing External Vulnerabilities
Disclosed Only shows activities on reports that have been disclosed to the public. You can view contents and details of the vulnerabilities of each report.
Hackers I am following Only shows the activities associated with hackers that you're following.
Collaborations Only shows the activities associated with reports that were collaborated on with multiple hackers.

How do activities appear on Hacktivity?

Hacktivity only showcases activity for public programs. Hacker activity populates on the Hacktivity feed when disclosed and undisclosed reports are marked as:

  • Closed
  • Disclosed
  • Bounty awarded
  • Swag awarded

Note: Undisclosed reports appear with a redacted title.

You and other hackers can also publish your findings from external sources outside of HackerOne. To learn more, see: Publishing External Vulnerabilities.


You can upvote hacker activities that you find interesting by clicking on the arrow next to the activity. Your upvotes help members of the platform discover what the most popular hacker activities are. Anyone with an account can upvote, but you can only upvote once on each activity. When you hover over the upvote count, you can see the top 10 hackers (ranked by signal) that voted on the activity.

There is currently no downvoting capability, but you can retract your upvote by clicking on the arrow again.

hacktivity upvoting

Bounty Visibility

If you don't want to display the bounty amount you've earned on Hacktivity, you can choose to hide your earnings by going to your profile Settings > Account Preferences and selecting Hide for your bounty earnings.