HackerOne Gateway V2 (VPN)

HackerOne Gateway V2 (VPN) specific programs require you to be connected to the Program Gateway V2 (VPN) instance in order to search for vulnerabilities. In joining a Gateway V2 (VPN) program, HackerOne will capture all of the VPN traffic headers you generate with your work on the program.

All captured data will be securely deleted from all HackerOne systems after 1-year following the completion of the program. HackerOne will only use the captured data for:

  • Troubleshooting and debugging
  • Incident responses
  • Generating statistics for reports to programs
  • Improving delivery of programs and services

HackerOne will not use the captured data for any other purposes and will only be shared with the program. The program may retain the data for compliance and auditing.

Programs requiring Gateway V2 (VPN) enable them to have granular control over your activities on their program and assets.

Note: You can only access the HackerOne Gateway V2 (VPN) if you've accepted an invitation to the Gateway V2 (VPN) enabled program.

If you have trouble installing the Gateway V2 (VPN) or have additional feedback, please reach out to vpn-support@hackerone.com.

Cloudflare WARP

Hackerone is using "Cloudflare WARP/Zero Trust" to build this product. During the logon process you will be redirected to Cloudflare logon pages.

Please do not contact Cloudflare directly when you have trouble with the logon process. If you do have any issues, please contact: vpn-support@hackerone.com.

Set up

To join a program that uses VPN and to set up the Gateway V2 (VPN):

  1. Click View Invitation in the email for the Gateway program you’ve been invited to.
  2. Look over the program details on the program page.
  3. Click Start hacking to join the program.
  4. Install the WARP Client by following the instructions here: Installing the WARP Client.
  5. Configure your WARP Client by following the instructions here: Configure your WARP Client.
  6. Install the HackerOne VPN Root CA.

Using Gateway V2 (VPN)


Click the button in the client image


Use the following cli command: warp-cli connect

Note: If you’re a part of a Full Tunnel Gateway program, all of your activity will be captured while you you are connected to VPN. Please be sure to avoid logging in to accounts where personal information can be recorded such as bank accounts.