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February 2024 Changelog
February 2024 Changelog

A full collection of changes released during the month of February

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For Hackers

Automated ID Verification Renewal

Keeping your HackerOne profile verified just got easier. ID verification for Clear Hackers and Pentesters is now automated. Every 12 months, you'll receive a reminder to renew your verification within the platform. This simplifies the process and ensures your continued eligibility for exclusive opportunities. Learn more here.

"Ask Hai" Beta (Pentest Write-Ups)

Introducing your new AI assistant for faster, more detailed pentest reports! "Ask Hai" is a beta feature currently available to Pentest Leads. This innovative tool utilizes AI to generate draft answers to common write-up questions. With a helpful starting point from Hai, pentester leads can save time and effort while creating high-quality write-ups with more comprehensive details. Remember, while Hai provides valuable assistance, the ultimate responsibility for accuracy and quality of the final report remains with the Pentest Lead.

"Ask Hai" on pentest summary

For Customers

Refined Notifications

We've revamped the notification system to give you more control over the information you receive. Now you can search, filter, and preview notifications to focus on what matters most. This is especially helpful for high-volume programs where staying on top of reports can be a challenge. With features like filtering by notification type, report state, and engagement, you can quickly identify critical updates and prioritize your actions.

Notification filters

PTaaS Subscription UI Enhancement

Managing your H1 Pentest hours just got easier. The subscription UI has been redesigned for better clarity and efficiency. H1 Premium and Essential tiers are now displayed separately, making it simple to understand your available hours and choose the right subscription for each pentest. Clicking See details on a tier card opens a drawer showing all active subscriptions within that tier, streamlining your selection process. Additionally, any H1 customer can initiate a new pentest request regardless of current hour availability. If your desired scope requires additional hours, the system will route the request to sales for further discussion.

Choose subscription dropdown with hours left

See subscription details & create new pentest from subscription

Retesting Award Recommendations

Take the guesswork out of retesting bounties! When requesting a retest on a bug bounty program, you'll now receive a suggested bounty amount based on past paid bounties. This recommendation helps you incentivize high-quality retesting by offering rewards aligned with the effort and impact of the vulnerability. Of course, you're always free to adjust the award amount to your liking. Recommendations are currently based on paid bounties, but we are working on incorporating factors like vulnerability severity and retesting complexity to further refine the suggestions in the future. For more information, check out our Retesting article.

Retesting reward recommendation

Credit Card Collaboration

Great news for teams! Hackers can now split bounties with collaborators on reports, regardless of your payment method. Previously, this functionality was limited to prepaid accounts, but now, customers using credit card payments can easily split the rewards for collaborative bug hunting. To enable collaboration for your program, navigate to Program settings > Program > Submission and toggle Enable collaboration to Yes. Learn more on our Payment FAQs page.

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