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Why can’t I choose normal (local) payments instead of priority (swift) payments in a bank transfer?

You’re unable to use normal payment options because your bank doesn’t support such options. You’re instead defaulted to using priority payments. Some international payments require a SWIFT code in order for the money to be transferred. Please keep in mind that there’s a fee in processing your payment. If you don’t want to be charged the processing fee, you can look into other payout options such as PayPal or Coinbase.

Is the transfer provided by CurrencyCloud a SEPA one when choosing EURO currency in the setup?

Yes, the transfer is SEPA if you choose for a Normal payment. If you select for a Priority payment, it will go through Swift.

Why can’t I receive payments in my currency?

Our 3 main payout providers are PayPal, Coinbase, and Currencycloud. You can only receive payments in the currencies these 3 options provide. If they don’t support your specified currency, then you unfortunately can’t receive payments in that currency. A work around for this is to receive your payment in US dollars and then have the funds converted to the currency you desire.

Where is my payment?

Keep in mind that it takes about 7-10 days to receive payments after it’s been awarded, and there must be a valid tax form on file as well as a payout method selected.

Why are there additional fees coming out of my payment?

There may be a need for an intermediary bank for payments to travel from the U.S. to another country. These banks may apply fees that they will deduct from the original amount and it will reflect once the payment reaches your account. HackerOne doesn't have control over these fees and can't know the amount the intermediary bank will deduct from the payment.

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