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Metrics on user engagement in your organization using Gateway

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The Gateway dashboard in HackerOne Analytics provides visibility into user activity and asset coverage for your programs. Consult graphical overviews of request volume, unique users, and asset coverage summaries to track program health. Leverage these usage metrics and participation insights to make data-driven decisions that optimize your initiatives.

You can apply the filters described in the previous section to review this data by date range.

Additionally, you can export all of your data at once as a PDF or by sections as a CSV, PDF, or PNG image file.

The Gateway Analytics dashboard will only be visible if the following conditions are met:

  • The Gateway feature is activated for your program

  • You have Gateway program admin access.

Note: Analytics is available at (a) a program-level from the Engagements page for your organization, and (b) org-level, across multiple programs in your organization, by clicking on the left-side Analytics icon.

Active Users

The Active users chart shows the number of distinct users on the program over time. The line trends up and down to visualize fluctuations in the number of users actively engaging with the program, by tracking how many unique users interact with the program during the selected time frame.

Top Contributors

The Top contributors chart displays the top users ranked by total requests generated across all assets in the program. The bar width visualizes each user's contribution based on their total volume of requests.


The Activity chart shows the total number of requests to assets in the program over time as a line trend. The line visualizes fluctuations in the volume of requests by tracking the total requests made during the selected time period. This lets you see overall traffic patterns and activity levels across the program's assets.

Requests per Asset

The Requests per asset chart displays traffic for each asset in the program. The width of each bar visualizes the total number of requests received by that asset across all users. This allows you to compare the request volume for each asset to see which assets are getting the most traffic.

Users per Asset

The Users per asset chart displays the number of users for each individual asset in the program. The width of each bar visualizes the number of distinct users who have accessed that asset. With this, you can compare the user-reach for each asset to see which assets have the most unique users.

Top Contributors per Asset

The Top contributors per asset chart shows the top contributing users for each individual asset in the program. It visualizes the traffic generated on each asset broken down by the users driving that traffic. The chart identifies the key users contributing the most hits to each specific asset. This provides insight into user behavior across different assets in the program.

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can also access Gateway Analytics from the program settings? We have included a shortcut, you can find it next to the “Log” section.

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