Hackers: See and manage notifications in the HackerOne platform

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How it Works

When you open your notifications in the menu bar, you will see a preview of the notification content, allowing you to quickly scan for what's important. The preview shows the person's name, the action, report name, program name, and the time.

Notification preview in primary navigation.

Clicking View all will take you to the Notifications page where you can see all your notifications. Read notifications will have a white background and unread ones will have a yellow background. Once on the Notifications page, you can see all the information from the preview, plus the current report state and comment previews (if applicable).

Notifications page with read and unread notifications

Manage Notifications

Notification Preferences

You can manage your notification preferences on the Notification Preferences page under Settings > Notification Preferences.

notification preferences

Search & Filter

You can deal with reports at scale by utilizing the powerful search and filter options available on the notification page:

  • Filter Notifications: Refine your notification view by filtering on notification type, actor, report state, and engagement. You can also search within messages.

  • Focus on Important Reports: Filter based on the current report state to prioritize notifications requiring your attention.

  • Identify Notification Types: Notification types are displayed directly in the list, enabling quick visual filtering.

Notification filters

Program Notifications

As a hacker, you’ll receive notifications (via the product and email) when programs you’re subscribed to make updates. Notifications in the product will appear in the notifications box next to your profile icon.

You can subscribe to receive program update notifications by subscribing to receive notifications via a program's Security Page by clicking Subscribe.

Updates to these program settings will trigger notifications:

  • Policy

  • Bounty table

  • Scope

  • Hacker messages

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