Hacker Email Alias

All hackers have an email alias on HackerOne that forwards any emails to their actual email address. This provides an easy way for programs to contact hackers in order to share credentials and information regarding how to set up custom workflows without having to access their actual email address. Programs now no longer have to share credentials through excel spreadsheets, shared documents, or other means.

How It Works

  1. Upon creation of a hacker account on HackerOne, hackers will automatically have an email alias generated based on their username.
    • Email aliases will be in the form of: [username]@wearehackerone.com
  2. Programs can email the hacker using the hacker’s email alias in order to share special credentials or to communicate with the hacker.
  3. The email will automatically be forwarded to the hacker’s actual email address.

Multiple Aliases

A Hacker can have multiple email aliases tied to their HackerOne account. This enables hackers to create multiple test accounts on your program to be able to test different attack vectors on different account levels without having to create multiple HackerOne profile accounts. Hackers can use multiple email aliases through using [username]+[any_identifier]@wearehackerone.com.


Question Answer
What happens if a hacker changes their username? The email alias will automatically update with the new username.
What happens if a hacker changes their email address on HackerOne? The emails will be forwarded to their new, correct email.
How can I share credentials with all hackers in my program? Go to your Invitation settings (Settings > Program > Invitations) to see the list of hackers in your program. You can email each hacker at [username]@wearehackerone.com.