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Triage Plus is an enhanced service tailored for select customers (typically larger enterprises) seeking advanced triage and support for more complex asset types. This comprehensive package includes a dedicated team with a lead, expanded asset coverage, multiple communication channels, and 24/7 support for web and API assets.


Assigned Triage Services

Customers opting for Triage Plus benefit from a dedicated team led by a seasoned professional. This ensures a personalized and efficient triage process for reported vulnerabilities.

Expanded Asset Coverage

Triage Plus extends support to a broader range of asset types, including Standard, Binary, Hardware, Gaming, and other more complex assets. This expanded coverage enables a thorough examination of diverse systems.

Multiple Communication Channels

To facilitate seamless collaboration, Triage Plus offers communication through various channels, including the HackerOne platform, Email, Slack channels, and more. This multi-channel approach ensures effective and timely communication.

24/7 Support for Web and API Assets

Customers with Triage Plus enjoy around-the-clock support for web and API assets. Reports are prioritized within 4 hours, demonstrating our commitment to swift response and resolution.

Geo-Specific Triage Programs

For enhanced customization, Triage Plus allows customers to opt for geo-specific triage programs. Choose from EMEA-only, US-only, or APAC-only programs to align with your organization's geographical focus.

Shared Bounty Pool Across Programs

Triage Plus customers can streamline their bug bounty initiatives by sharing one bounty pool across programs. This simplifies reward management and ensures a cohesive approach to incentivizing security researchers.

Getting Started

To leverage the benefits of Triage Plus, reach out to our support team for onboarding and customization based on your specific requirements. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional Triage Plus experience tailored to your organization's needs. Thank you for choosing Triage Plus โ€“ taking your bug bounty program to the next level!

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