Triage Pod Model

Organizations: Learn how we assign specific groups of triagers to manage and support a select group of programs

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HackerOne's Pod Support Model introduces a specialized approach where a dedicated group of analysts, known as a "pod," is assigned to manage and support a select group of programs. A pod is a smaller, focused team of analysts dedicated to providing comprehensive support to specific customers.

Benefits of the Pod Delivery Model


With a pod assigned to your program, a smaller team of analysts across different time zones takes ownership of handling incoming vulnerability reports. This ensures accountability, with the pod being responsible for all reports and meeting response targets.


Focusing on a select group of programs allows the pod to develop familiarity and comfort with the customer's scope and environment. This familiarity results in a higher quality triage experience for HackerOne customers.


A smaller unit of analysts working on customer programs enables them to build rapport with hackers participating in the program. This fosters better communication, engagement, and collaboration throughout the vulnerability handling process.


Customers supported by a dedicated pod will experience frequent interaction with specific analysts. The goal is for customers to view their pod as trusted partners in managing their bug bounty program.


Smaller dedicated support teams contribute to enhanced security by reducing the overall number of HackerOne employees with access to customer report data.

Communicating Vulnerability Handling Instructions

Specific vulnerability handling instructions for your program can be communicated through the Customer Success Manager (CSM). The CSM will update the pod and internal notes to ensure seamless communication and understanding of your program's unique requirements.

Contacting Your Pod

For queries, escalations, or general communication with your pod, you have two primary channels:

  • Direct Communication with Analysts:

    • Engage directly with analysts on reports through internal comments.

  • Customer Success Manager (CSM):

    • Reach out to your CSM, who will act as your point of contact.

    • The CSM can address your concerns with the Pod Lead and Pod Manager.

    • To help you with triage topics, the CSM can invite the Pod Lead or Manager to participate in discussions.

We are committed to providing effective Triage services to achieve noise reduction while running a successful Bug Bounty Program with HackerOne.

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