Rewards Dashboard

Organizations: Metrics on payments made to hackers

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The Rewards dashboard shows metrics on payments made to hackers by your organization on the HackerOne platform. You can export all of your data at once as a PDF or by sections as a CSV, PDF, or PNG file. Apply the filters at the top of the page to review data by date range or asset.

Note: Analytics are available at (a) a program-level from the Engagements page for your organization, and (b) org-level, across multiple programs in your organization, by clicking on the left-side Analytics icon.

Total Rewards and Bounty Awarded by Severity

The Total rewards chart shows the total amount paid to hackers during the selected time period. It also shows a comparison with your organization’s rewards from the same time a year ago. The Bounty awarded by severity chart shows report distribution across severity levels.

Total rewards chart

Bounty Awarded by Weakness and by Asset

The Bounty awarded by weakness chart shows how your payments are spread among the different weakness types. This can be a strong indicator of the types of coding and logic errors in your applications and can be used to direct developer training and secure application development practices. The Bounty awarded by asset chart is a summary of payments across your assets. Use the filters at the top to compare data across charts and gain insights into your assets' security status.

bounty by weakness or asset charts

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