Hacker Following

Keep up-to-date with your favorite hackers on HackerOne.

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Hacker Following enables you to keep up-to-date with your favorite hackers as you can see their activity on HackerOne.

To follow a hacker:

  1. Go to the hacker’s profile page.

  2. Click Follow.

Hacker profile, follow star beneath profile information

Follow will change to Following to denote that you’re following the hacker.

Filtering out Followers

To view only the activity of the hackers you’re following on Hacktivity, select the Hackers I am following filter.

Hacktivity filter

Managing Followed Hackers

To manage all of the hackers you’re following:

  1. Go to Hacker Dashboard > Followed Hackers.

  2. (Optional) Click Unfollow to stop following any hackers you no longer wish to keep track of.

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