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Receive bounties if don't have a HackerOne account

Updated over a week ago

If you're a hacker who submitted a valid vulnerability without a HackerOne account, you can still receive bounties for your valid vulnerabilities.

To receive your bounty as an external hacker:

  1. Click Claim your bounty in the bounty notification email.

  2. Review the bounty invitation. If there isn't an account associated with your email address, you'll be prompted to create a new account.

  3. Sign up for a HackerOne account.

  4. Choose to accept or reject the bounty.

  5. Click the link in the banner on your bounty settings page.

  6. Fill out the tax form.

You'll be sent a tax form to fill out via HelloSign, and once it's complete, it'll go through a review process. The review process will take about 24 hours, and once that's complete, you'll receive an email notification and will be able to choose your default payment method.

After you set your payout preference, the payment will be sent to your account.

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