Restricted From Submissions

You can be restricted from submissions. There are 2 reasons as to why you might be restricted from submissions:

  1. You're a new user and have submitted a large amount of reports in the same day
  2. You run into a program with Signal Requirements that you don't meet

Signal Requirements

Signal Requirements allow programs to specify if they require a minimum Signal of hackers who can submit reports to them. If your Signal is above their requirement, then you won’t even notice this feature. If you don’t meet the required Signal, you will be given trial reports that you can submit within a rolling window so you can still participate in their program.

How do Signal Requirements work?

  • The amount of trial reports available is largely based on your signal.
  • Trial reports are given within a 30 day rolling window.
  • There is a per program limit for trial reports, and also a total platform limit for all reports sent to programs of which you don't meet the requirements.

Use your trial reports wisely! When you are dipping into your trial reports, there will be a yellow warning box on top of the report submission form. Use these limited chances to submit the best reports that you have, so that your Signal has a chance to improve.