Program Notifications

As a hacker, you’ll receive notifications (via the product and email) when programs you’re subscribed to make updates. Notifications in the product will appear in the notifications box next to your profile icon.

You can subscribe to receive program update notifications by subscribing to receive notifications via a program's Security Page by clicking Subscribe.

subscribe button on policy page

Updates to these program settings will trigger notifications:

  • Policy
  • Bounty table
  • Scope
  • Hacker messages

Manage Notifications

Notification Preferences

You can manage your notification preferences on the Notification Preferences page under Settings > Notification Preferences.

notification preferences

Program Preferences

You can also manage what programs you can receive notifications from on the Program Preferences page under Settings > Program Preferences. On this page, you can view the full list of programs you belong to as well as the programs you're subscribed to receive notifications for. You can select to turn your notifications to be either On or Off for each program you're a part of.

program preferences

To change your notification preferences for a program:

Select whether you want to turn your notifications to be either On or Off for that program.

Option Details
On You'll receive notifications for various program updates. You can select to receive notifications for just future reports or for both future and all historical reports. enable notifications To manage what updates you receive notifications for, go to Settings > Notification Preferences.
Off Notifications for the program will be disabled. You can select to stop receiving notifications from future reports, or from both future and all historical reports. disable notifications You'll start receiving notifications for the program again when you:
  • Interact with a report
  • Are assigned a report
  • Are mentioned in a report