Program Notifications

As a hacker, you’ll receive notifications (via the product and email) when programs you’re subscribed to make updates. Notifications in the product will appear in the notifications box next to your profile icon.

Note: Receiving program notifications to all program updates is currently only enabled for select hackers.


Updates to these program settings will trigger notifications:

  • Policy
  • Bounty table
  • Scope
  • Hacker messages

You’ll be subscribed to receive program update notifications if you’ve expressed interest in a program. This can happen in one of two ways:

Option Details
Manually You subscribed to receive notifications via a program’s Security Page by clicking Subscribe .

subscribe button on policy page
The Subscribe button is currently only enabled for select hackers .
Automatically You'll automatically receive report notifications if you've:
  • Submitted a report to a public program
  • Accepted an invite to a private program

Manage Notifications

You can manage email notifications you receive from programs you belong to in Settings > Programs. On the Programs page, you can view a list of programs you belong to along with the visibility of that program on your public profile as well as your notification settings.


To change your notification preferences for a program:

  1. Click on the link below Notifications for that program. The link will either say Enabled or Disabled depending on your existing notification preference.

  2. A window will show where you can set your notifications. If you want to disable notifications, the Disable Notifications screen will show where you can unsubscribe from reports. manage-notifications-3

    If you want to enable notifications, the Enable Notifications screen will show where you can subscribe to reports. manage-notifications-2

If you disable your notifications, you'll start receiving notifications again when you:

  • Interact with a report
  • Are assigned a report
  • Are mentioned in a report