You can collaborate with other hackers in finding vulnerabilities for the programs you’re a part of. This enables you and other collaborating hackers to share resources and any knowledge you each may have about a vulnerability as you work together to uncover security issues. Collaboration is a great way to find vulnerabilities as putting multiple heads together may be better than just one.

If you’re collaborating with other hackers, you can split the bounty amount so that each hacker is rewarded appropriately. In addition, each collaborator on the report will earn reputation points for their contribution. A collaborator needs to accept the collaboration invite before the report is awarded to gain reputation and bounty.

To let other hackers know that you’re open to collaboration:

  1. Go to your profile’s Settings > Collaboration Settings.
  2. Click the toggle to be ON for each of the programs you’re open to collaborating on. The list of programs that appear will include all private programs you’re a part of as well as all public programs you’ve submitted a report to.

collaboration preferences

Once you’ve selected the programs you’re open to collaborating on, the security page of the program will have a Collaborators tab where you can view all of the other hackers that are open to collaborating and be able to contact them so that you can work together.

collaborators security page