90 Day Leaderboard

What is it?

The 90 day leaderboard shows the top 100 hackers based on their activity in the last 90 days.

How do I access it?

Go to https://hackerone.com/leaderboard/invites.

How do I become eligible for the leaderboard?

You’ll be eligible if within the last 90 days you have:

  • Positive reputation gain
  • Non-negative signal
  • Zero code of conduct violations

How do I move up in ranking?

Hackers are ranked by their score from the calculation: Reputation x Signal Percentile x Impact Percentile

  • Reputation is based on your report validity.
  • Signal and Impact Percentile are calculated against all eligible hackers.

Increasing your reputation, signal, or impact will move you up on the leaderboard. As the leaderboard updates every day at 8:30am UTC, you can see how you rank with other hackers on a daily basis.

Why should I care about my ranking?

The higher your rank, the higher your chance of receiving invitations to private programs.

For instance, if this is the state of the 90 day leaderboard:

  1. Alice
  2. Bob
  3. Charlie
  4. David

For each invitation that goes out, the chances for each hacker receiving the invite would be:

  1. Alice: 40%
  2. Bob: 30%
  3. Charlie: 20%
  4. David: 10%

See: Invitations