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Your Pentest Team

Getting to Know Your Dedicated Pentest Team

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Technical Engagement Manager Team (TEaM)

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous selection and preparation of our internal, full-time technical pentesting staff. Our internal technical engagement managers (TEMs) are strategically positioned across the globe, mirroring the widespread presence of our pentester and customer communities.

Each member undergoes rigorous background checks, ensuring they maintain the highest levels of trust and professionalism. Many of our managers hold an array of qualifications and certifications, tailored to meet the unique delivery requirements of our diverse customer base. Should you have specific geographic needs, we are adeptly poised to cater to such requests, ensuring seamless, localized engagement.

Background and Experience

  • Information Security consultants with 35+ years of experience, collectively

  • Former pentesters, ethical hackers, and cybersecurity function managers

  • Experienced technical professionals with vast knowledge of various technologies

TEMs are responsible for leading the delivery efforts of a pentest and ensuring its success. Among other things, the responsibilities included are:

Prepare the assessment for a successful launch

Coordinate and lead pentest delivery

Key Liaison between HackerOne and Customers

  • Obtain access to the assessment scope, and confirm access and working credentials.

  • Ensure Pentest documentation is ready for the Pentest Team to hit the ground running.

  • Confirm and communicate any customer restrictions to the Community Team ahead of sourcing.

  • Schedule launch dates and resolve roadblocks directly with customers.

  • Create the publication that pentesters see when they apply to a pentest.

  • Provision and set up Pentests in the HackerOne platform.

  • Provide quality assurance of Pentest results and deliverables.

  • Drive on-time and satisfactory delivery of each engagement.

  • Update details in the platform, such as scope and report status, along with retest requests.

  • Pay Pentesters after review of results and Pentest summary report.

  • Conduct kick-off and wrap-up meetings with Customers for each Pentest.

  • Set clear expectations and communication with key stakeholders.

  • Assist in resolving issues that arise during testing.

  • Responsibility for any escalations that may arise during the engagement.

  • Present technical findings and vulnerability details to our customers’ business stakeholders.

  • Assist customers in managing and optimizing their long-term pentesting programs, ensuring continuous security improvement and adaptability.

Community Team

Members of the Community Team are full-time HackerOne employees. Their responsibilities include managing the relationship with the HackerOne Community. This encompasses tasks such as recruiting, sourcing, and onboarding, as well as offering general assistance to pentesters and the wider ethical hacker community for all opportunities within HackerOne.

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