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Pentest as a Service (PTaaS): Enhanced Pentest Delivery
Pentest as a Service (PTaaS): Enhanced Pentest Delivery

Enhanced Pentest Delivery

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HackerOne has redefined traditional pentesting with Pentest as a Service (PTaaS), offering vetted expertise, quick results, and interactive feedback. It ensures compliance and encourages direct collaboration between security teams and pentesters.

The PTaaS approach goes beyond just finding vulnerabilities. Engaging with our selected pentesters offers valuable insights and learning opportunities for security teams, enhancing application security and validating fixes.

Instant Results

Get real-time vulnerability alerts and act fast. No more waiting for weeks to understand your security posture.

Direct Expert Access

Engage with professional pentesters sourced from a global talent pool, driven to uncover hidden vulnerabilities.
Count on HackerOne's Technical Engagement Managers (TEMs) to oversee and ensure seamless test execution.

Complete Control & Visibility

Use the HackerOne platform to oversee multiple pentest engagements. Monitor every detail from the initiation to completion.
Get a comprehensive view of both utilized and remaining testing hours. Clone previous pentests or base new ones on similar assets.

Seamless Communication

Reach out to pentesters and TEMs in real time via the platform or Slack for any queries, clarifications, or added context.

Comprehensive Reporting

Obtain a detailed report inclusive of recommendations, tester profiles, assessed scopes, and more at the end of each pentest.
Store your reports on the HackerOne platform and access them any time post-testing.

Customized Summaries

Download an in-depth summary or a concise attestation tailored for your audience.

Platform Integrations

All of our existing integrations apply for HackerOne Pentests, including Jira, Gitlab, Github, ServiceNow, and many more. See a full list here.

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