Add & manage users in your organization

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Adding Users

Hint: Add groups before adding users to avoid adding people without any groups. Pending users can not be added to groups.

  1. Go to Organization Settings > Users.

  2. Click on Add new user.

  3. Provide the email address of the person who should be invited.

    • Users who were already added cannot be added again.

  4. Select if this user should be an organization administrator.

    • Adding a user as an organization administrator will allow them to add, manage, and remove other users, groups, and assets from the organization.

    • Every organization must have at least one admin.

  5. Select the groups they should be added to. Groups determine what users can access and do in your program.

    • By not adding a user to a group, they will be able to onboard to the platform, but unable to access reports or take any action.

    • Tip: If you would like to add a user to a group that doesn’t exist yet, we recommend you create the group first and then add the user.

  6. Click on Add new user at the bottom of the page to finish.

  7. This will trigger a single invitation to join the organization. Once they accept the invitation, they will have access based on the groups they were invited to.

Once a user is added, they will appear under Pending users. Users in this category can only be edited once they have been onboarded into the organization.

Note: Before a user is added, we check the eligibility for the user to be invited based on which domains have been set up. This can be found and managed in Authentication.

Editing & Removing Users

Edit users by clicking on the kabob menu next to their information and clicking Edit User.

You can also edit users by going to their overview page and clicking Edit User. The user’s profile will be shown, including user details, organization permissions, and program & asset permissions.

Selecting Remove User in either menu will remove them from all groups.

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