Start HackerOne Response

If you elect to Start H1 Response, you'll be taken to the Setup Guide where you can walk through the product on how to set up your vulnerability disclosure policy and successfully launch a program.


  1. Select Edit for the corresponding field to edit your policy, profile, and scope.
  2. (Optional) Click the Human Augmented Signal toggle to be either on or off.
  3. Click Submit for approval to have HackerOne review your program once you've completed all of the sections in step 1.

If your program is approved by HackerOne, your program will be placed in controlled launch where it'll remain private and visible to only a select number of hackers. To publicly launch your program, your program must:

  • Receive at least 10 reports and have invited 100 hackers
  • Meet the baseline responsiveness limits

Once you've met the criteria, the Public Launch button will appear, and you can publicly self-launch your program when you're ready to.