Message Hackers

It's important to have good communication with hackers as it enables them to know what's going on with your program. In order to communicate any changes or announcements with your hackers, you can use the Message Hackers feature.

To use the Message Hackers feature:

  1. Go to your program's Settings > Hacker Management > Message Hackers.
  2. Select the recipients of your message. You can select from these options:
Option Details
All hackers who have submitted a report to your program The message automatically posts to the Updates section of your security page, in which only hackers that have participated in your program can see them.
Top 20 hackers who have submitted a report to your program The message is only sent to the top 20 hackers of your program.
Specific hacker(s) by username You can message only certain hackers by entering their usernames.
Custom Set your own custom group to message. E.g. hackers that have submitted 5+ reports
All invited hackers This option is only available for private programs
  1. Write your message in the Message box.
  2. Click Submit.

Your message will first go to HackerOne support who will verify the content of the message. After verification, your message will be sent to the selected recipients within 1 business day. The message will appear from Your Team (via HackerOne) and will be no-reply.

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