Exporting Reports

You can export your reports as:

  • .csv files
  • markdown files
  • .zip files

You can also export reports through utilizing the API. See these articles from the HackerOne API documentation to learn more:

Export to .csv Files

You can download reports as .csv files to enable you to quickly generate a spreadsheet of selected reports with key details. The .csv files don't include the comments. The downloaded file provides the:

  • Report ID
  • Title
  • Severity rating
  • Severity score
  • State
  • Sub-state
  • Weakness
  • Time the report was reported
  • Time of first response
  • Time of triage time
  • Time the report was closed
  • Time the hacker was awarded with the award
  • Security member assigned to the report
  • Hacker that submitted the report
  • Bounty
  • Bonus
  • Whether the report is public or private
  • Reference
  • Reference URL
  • Structured scope

To export reports as a .csv file:

  1. Select the check box of the reports you'd like to export in your inbox. You can select as many reports as you'd like.
  2. Click the Download as CSV link to download the selected reports.


Export to Markdown or .zip Files

To export reports as markdown or .zip files:

  1. Select the report you want to export from your inbox.
  2. Click Export within the report.


  1. Select the type of file you want to export the report as. You can choose from:
Option Details
View raw text You can copy and paste details of the report in markdown.
Export as .zip You can download the complete report including the attachments as a zip archive.
  1. (Optional) Select whether you want to include internal activities.