Showcase your HackerOne bug bounty program within your SafeBase Trust Center. Display live stats such as overall program statistics, bounty amounts, and response efficiency. This integration allows you to proactively communicate with both prospects and customers, seamlessly displaying your commitment to security and transparency within your Trust Center.

How the Integration Works

As a SafeBase customer, within the app:

  1. Navigate to and select App Security card.

  2. Select edit at the top right.

SafeBase setup step 2

  1. Within Responsible Disclosure enter the link to your public program on HackerOne. Then click Connect with HackerOne.

SafeBase setup step 3

  1. Hit save at the top right, and exit.

  2. Navigate to your Trust Center (either in preview mode or directly to your Trust Center URL). Magic! Now you can see live stats from HackerOne showcased. Screenshot here of Instacart’s Bug Bounty Program.

SafeBase setup step 5

New to SafeBase?

To take advantage of this integration, you need to be a SafeBase customer. Sign up for a free account to start building your very own Trust Center. The SafeBase platform is designed to help businesses like yours demonstrate compliance and security clearly and efficiently to prospects and customers. If you'd rather see the platform in action before diving in, don't hesitate to book a demo. The SafeBase team is here to walk you through the ins and outs.