PagerDuty Integration

The PagerDuty integration enables incidents to be created each time a new (high or critical severity) report is submitted or triaged onto HackerOne. This integration is flexible and can be used to create a PagerDuty incident for any of the events listed.

Note: The PagerDuty integration is only available for Enterprise programs.


To set up the integration between PagerDuty and each time a high or critical report is created on HackerOne:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Services on PagerDuty.
  2. Click on New Service or add an integration to an existing service on PagerDuty by clicking +Add New Services on your services page.
  3. Select HackerOne for the Integration Type.

pagerduty set up

  1. Click Add Service.
  2. Go to the Integrations tab on the Services page.
  3. Click on HackerOne.

pagerduty selecting the settings gear

  1. Copy the Integration URL and store that for later.

pagerduty integration url field

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Navigate to your webhooks settings on Program Settings > Program > Webhooks.
  3. Click New Webhook.
  4. Paste the URL that was copied from the Pagerduty integration page in step 7.

webhooks page

  1. Select Report created and Report triaged as the events you want to trigger the webhook on.
  2. (Optional) Select any other events you want to trigger the webhook on.
  3. Click Add webhook to save the webhook.

Each new and triaged report that has a high or critical severity will now create an incident on PagerDuty and page the appropriate teams based on your PagerDuty policies. You can tailor the configuration of your integration for different use cases by adjusting the events in step 13.